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2022: A year to fall in love with yourself

Yoga at Andronis Concept Wellness Resort

Every day, month, and year is a chance to begin anew. Let the beginning of 2022 encourage a new approach to life…one that you are enchanted by your own yourself!  Self-love is important, so you can form healthier, happier relationships—with yourself and others. We prepared for you a new year’s resolution with all the essential activities for you to fall in love with yourself.

Find your inner peace

Wellness is primarily being in good physical and mental health. Since these 2 are so closely related, any potential problem in one area can impact the other. Therefore it is really important to take care of both. We suggest you find the best exercise for you and practice it regularly. From yoga to climbing, choose something that not only exercises your body but also fills your heart with joy. The key to success is consistency as it will be easier to create a habit out of it. Have you seen that Andronis now offers a Wellness Package for vacation at Andronis Arcadia and Andronis Concept Wellness Resort

Also, remember how important it is to move daily and intake Vitamin D. Going for a small walk every day, especially if it’s sunny outside, will literally change your life.

Build a healthy diet

Healthy breakfast at Andronis Concept Restaurant

A healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition. Especially a good breakfast is essential. It doesn’t only provide you with the necessary fuels for the day, it also helps you begin your day with love. Preparing something nice for yourself in the morning is the ultimate kind of self-love. Check out our restaurant Throubi, that its holistic menu is supervised by a nutritionist in order to provide our guests with the maximum benefits.

Improve your night's sleep

Bed in Andronis Arcadia as to highlight the importance of better sleep quality to your new year's resolution

In Andronis, your relaxation is a serious matter.
We consider that during your vacation, you should take a break from the fast pace of your life and whatever burdens you. Learn more about our approach to the healing power of sleep.

Travel your soul

Undoubtedly, traveling is very important for mental growth and happiness. New places and experiences, infuse your mind with images and your heart with emotions. Exposure to new things can help you relieve the stress of everyday life, boost your creativity, and in general make you a lot happier. What are you waiting for? It’s time to book your next trip!

Train your mind

Bookstore in Oia Santorini full of books outside, as to showcase the importance of reading for your new year's resolution

A new year’s resolution without books, could not be complete. We all know that reading is the best way to train your mind and improve your communication skills. But let’s not be so traditional, there are many ways to train your mind apart from books. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to educate yourself through technology. You can listen to podcasts, attend seminars or classes, solve jigsaws or even acquire a new skill. You can now experiment with clay, learn how to illustrate, or even learn how to play an instrument, all by the ease of your home.

Reconnect with Nature

Nature is our second home. By nursing our environment, we nurse ourselves. And the right way to do it is by doing as little or as much each one wants. Even the smallest actions can help. 

Environmental sustainability and community involvement are embedded in the mindset of Andronis. Some examples of our actions that you could easily follow from home are recycling, food waste management, reduction of the use of plastic, use of LED lights, blood donations and last but not least, supporting the local producers.

January is the best moment to set new goals. We hope we inspired you with our proposals and 2022 will actually love yourself more than ever. Which one of these tips you could add to your new year’s resolution?